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Belfast creative studio for all types of illustration, animation, digital banners, storyboard / concept, 2D Game Graphics, Ui concepts, book design and poster design.

Competitive pricing and packages available for all sizes of budgets. We cater for small and large animation projects all created in 2D animation using Adobe, After-Effects, Animate CC or ToonBoom. Belfast illustration at Creative@jonathanTemples is affordable as the studio offers payments over milestones on larger projects requiring illustration on a larger scale.

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Jonathan Temples - creative portfolio (c) Jonathan Temples 2017. Belfast based graphic designer, llustrator , cartoonist , ebook cover designer, poster illustration, After-Effects, Toonboom, Flash and game animator / animation. Game Illustration and iPhone / iPad game animation. Belfast based branding, logo and poster design,  graphic design, eBook cover illustration and design / Belfast designer. Belfast animation and games artist. Belfast Concept artworker / illustrator. Belfast Children's book illustrator  cartoon / character designer / illustrator. Belfast Ui Designer, Axure wireframing. Poster artist and designer / t-shirt designs. Cost-effective design Belfast. 2D Game graphics for UK game concept, game design and game animation. Belfast based eBook cover designer and artist, illustrator. Cost-effective 2D animation / Flash or After-Effects low cost animation. UK based illustator, graphic designer, eBook cover illustrator, designer and 2D games indie artist. Plus London award winning cost-effective design, illustration, 2D game indie art and logo design. UK 2D games indie games artist. (c) Jonathan Temples 2017. London WestEnd, theatre and film poster illustrator and poster designer for theatre producers and storyboarding for film directors. lower cost animations. Belfast and London storyboard artist and concept artist for film. Storyboard artist for gaming, games and film industry. Belfast graphic designer, logo designer. and print designer. Animated HTML eBanners in Adobe Edge and Google Web Designer.The Belfast graphic design studio can offer graphic design with costings much lower than that of larger agencies. Cost effective animation and animated movies using 2D animation based outside Belfast.


t: 07828 604 779
skype: jonathan.temples1


Creative process

Each client and project is unique so the best solution is always a chat on the phone or a meeting over coffee. This is were we can discuss the projects objectives, time scales and budget.

Studio pricing

My pricing for a project can be negotiable on larger projects and is based on complexity of the project, usage and by the studio hour. My studio hourly rate is £40 per hour and each project has up to 3 complimentary changes/amendments. Larger project costs can be arranged into milestones and paid as each milestone reached. Once a project has been agreed I will submit roughs for your approval by email or client meeting.
Then I will move onto the finished illustration / animation – keeping in mind frequent communication is needed
to creatively illustrate your project to completion. If any additional time or changes occur I will email and discuss before final stages so you are aware of your updated project costs.

Terms & conditions

All Illustration, graphic design, artwork and animation by Creative@JonathanTemples is supplied on the understanding that the client has agreed to all the T&C’s by Creative@JonathanTemples. Copyright of all Illustration, graphic design, artwork and animation including concepts, creative ideas, PDF proofs will be held by Creative@JonathanTemples unless otherwise agreed. Clients supplying photos, text documents, fonts, photos/images to Creative@JonathanTemples accept that they hold the correct copyright permissions on these materials. Creative@JonathanTemples will back-up the clients project once finished for one year but will not be held responsible for loss of data. Client’s can request their artwork files digitally uploaded, transferred or backed up onto other types of storage devices if agreed. All Illustration, graphic design, artwork and animation by Creative@JonathanTemples cannot be used on another project unless agreed by Creative@JonathanTemples.


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I'm a creative 2D illustrator/animator, brand identity, eBook & print designer with HTML5 animation experience, plus game & film storyboarder with over 20 years experience.