2D animated corporate motion graphics, stage animation projections, promos, bumpers and product and service promotions. Animations can be produced in Flash (Animate CC), Toonboom and After-Effects. Animation types include rigged, tweened or hand drawn. Animations can be created for smaller social media uploads to high-end broadcasting quality HD.

Ulster University School of Engineering
Medical product animation showing the benefits of using the new Stoma Sense device.

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First Reel Films
Animated logo bumper for film company - HD Promo / After-Effects

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P. B. Cahill -
Animated cartoon short for children's book launch of 'What Little Robin Saw' - Flash

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Destructants frog -
Promo cartoon animation - Adobe Animate CC

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Paul Boyd - Tinseltown Musical Stage Show
Animated background movie projection for theatre stage area - After-Effects / ToonBoom

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Cost-Effective Training Solutions for your Business
BlackBox Training - HD Promo / After-Effects

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Have you paid your electricity bill?
Power NI - HD Advert / After-Effects

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AUXILIUM/ iPad, iPhone -
iPad game teaser trailer 2014

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Dino Burp / iPad, iPhone -
Game intro

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Destructants / iPad, iPhone -
Game teaser

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Logo -
Animated logo intro

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Jetpac'n'Aliens - JT Creative
Website banner header

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Team Fergus "The goose in satnav specs" - Brandan Magill
Cartoon launch sequence

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Jonathan Temples - creative portfolio (c) Jonathan Temples 2017. Belfast based graphic designer, llustrator , cartoonist , ebook cover designer, poster illustration, After-Effects, Toonboom, Flash and game animator / animation. Game Illustration and iPhone / iPad game animation. Belfast based branding, logo and poster design,  graphic design, eBook cover illustration and design / Belfast designer. Belfast animation and games artist. Belfast Concept artworker / illustrator. Belfast Children's book illustrator  cartoon / character designer / illustrator. Belfast Ui Designer, Axure wireframing. Poster artist and designer / t-shirt designs. Cost-effective design Belfast. 2D Game graphics for UK game concept, game design and game animation. Belfast based eBook cover designer and artist, illustrator. Cost-effective 2D animation / Flash or After-Effects low cost animation. UK based illustator, graphic designer, eBook cover illustrator, designer and 2D games indie artist. Plus London award winning cost-effective design, illustration, 2D game indie art and logo design. UK 2D games indie games artist. (c) Jonathan Temples 2017. London WestEnd, theatre and film poster illustrator and poster designer for theatre producers and storyboarding for film directors. lower cost animations. Belfast and London storyboard artist and concept artist for film. Storyboard artist for gaming, games and film industry. Belfast graphic designer, logo designer. and print designer. Animated HTML eBanners in Adobe Edge and Google Web Designer.The Belfast graphic design studio can offer graphic design with costings much lower than that of larger agencies. Cost effective animation and animated movies using 2D animation based outside Belfast. Competitive rates for Belfast illustration and 2D animation offering after-hours services without the added charges on small to large projects.

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