Graphic design
Digital banners
Storyboard / concept
Ui design
2D game graphics
Book illustration
Poster design
Social media Gif's

2D Game Graphics - Concept art, level design, sprite & character animation


Animation - Animated shorts, banners, trailers, corporate videos, promos and bumpers


Illustration - History visuals, comic strips, cartoon characters, logo illustration and posters


Graphic design - Branding, leaflets, posters, packaging, advertising and signage


Storyboards - Mood boards, concept art and storyboarding for film, TV and gaming


Ui design - App Ui design & wireframing and rapid prototyping


Digital banners - HTML5 ad banners created in Adobe Edge Animate or Google Web Designer


Book illustration - Children's books, eBooks and book cover artwork and design


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Creative @ Jonathan Temples
- Award Winning Studio

Elephant Antics
2D game graphics
94% ZZap 64 Silver Medal Award

Creative Skills:

• Graphic design
• Book cover design
• Poster design
• T-shirt design
• Signage design
• Ui design
• Packaging
• Illustration
• 2D Animation
• 2D Game artist
• Concept artist
• Photo retouching
• Storyboarding
• Life drawing
• Photography

Studio App Skills:

• Adobe After-Effects
• Adobe Premiere Pro
• Adobe Flash(Animate CC)
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Indesign
• Google Web Designer
• Spine / 2D animation
• Axure
• ToonBoom
• Painter

Latest BIG WIN NEWS! - What's happening at the Belfast animation and illustration studio

BBC ONE - The One Show chooses Creative@ Jonathan Temples again for Belfast illustration and assistant animator on their prime time show. This 2D animated spectacular will be produced using the skills of 2D Award Winning Jonathan Temples's hand drawn sketches and animated using the latest Adode After-Effects techiques.


e: | t: 07828 604 779 | skype: jonathan.temples1

Jonathan Temples - creative portfolio (c) Jonathan Temples 2017. Belfast based graphic designer, llustrator , cartoonist , ebook cover designer, poster illustration, After-Effects, Toonboom, Flash and game animator / animation. Game Illustration and iPhone / iPad game animation. Belfast based branding, logo and poster design,  graphic design, eBook cover illustration and design / Belfast designer. Belfast animation and games artist. Belfast Concept artworker / illustrator. Belfast Children's book illustrator  cartoon / character designer / illustrator. Belfast Ui Designer, Axure wireframing. Poster artist and designer / t-shirt designs. Cost-effective design Belfast. 2D Game graphics for UK game concept, game design and game animation. Belfast based eBook cover designer and artist, illustrator. Cost-effective 2D animation / Flash or After-Effects low cost animation. UK based illustator, graphic designer, eBook cover illustrator, designer and 2D games indie artist. Plus London award winning cost-effective design, illustration, 2D game indie art and logo design. UK 2D games indie games artist. (c) Jonathan Temples 2017. London WestEnd, theatre and film poster illustrator and poster designer for theatre producers and storyboarding for film directors. lower cost animations. Belfast and London storyboard artist and concept artist for film. Storyboard artist for gaming, games and film industry. Belfast graphic designer, logo designer. and print designer. Animated HTML eBanners in Adobe Edge and Google Web Designer.The Belfast graphic design studio can offer graphic design with costings much lower than that of larger agencies. Cost effective animation and animated movies using 2D animation based outside Belfast. Competitive rates for Belfast illustration and 2D animation offering after-hours services without the added charges on small to large projects.


The creative studio is based outside Belfast
with over 20 years in graphic design, illustration, animation, storyboarding and branding.

The creative studio can create illustrations, 2D animations , logos, indents, bumpers, ebooks, children's books, posters, leaflets, concept art, storyboarding, wireframing prototyping, photography and award winning 2D game graphics as featured in the London games magazine "Retro-Gamer" as a featured guest games pixel artist.

Clients include BBC, University of Ulster, Unison, BSPA, Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council, London West End Theatre Producers, film directors, interactive gaming companies, Power NI, European Space Agency and Northern Ireland Public Health Agency.

The creative studio can provide cost-effective solutions with that personal touch, but with the same services and creative experience you need and of course without the large expensive studio prices.

Contact the creative studio now and see how you can reduce your graphic design, illustration, 2D animation, eBanners and book cover design costs.